The last race of Grand Slam 5 Continents with victory in Israel

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victory in Israel

The race started at 7 am local time. Soon, at mile 3, the race start to be interesting, being the head of race with only 6 riders.

The terrain is quite technical with lots of stones, so you have to be very hard mentally, the race consists in 5 turns to a circuit of 33km.

At mile 35 I feel strong and I attack, with a very strong in just 9 hours: 100 km. at the end, I had to manage the forced thinking in my team, my family, my sponsors, my people who send me encouragement, to finish the race stopping the clock in 16 hours and 36 minutes.

I cross the finish thinking in my children, which remove much time because of the workouts and races and especially my wife Mariana and my sponsor Lurbel, without them this wouldn’t be possible. “


Last race of the Grand Slam 5 Continents. Israel

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The Lurbel runner will take part at the fifth race where will complete the full 5 races, in 5 continents, in the same year.

The UltraMarathon Sovev-Emek will be the last race of the 2014 Grand Slam 5 Continets, what will be the end for the challenge Juan Vicente García challenge 2014.

After completed 100 miles races in Sweden, Chile, South Africa and Australia, it’s time to finish the challenge. It will be in Israel, on 22 October.

After going through the best and the worst physical and psychological moments throughout the Grand Slam, Vicente left us these words: “take part on this race in Israel, at the end of the year, after traveling the 5 continents, it is a challenge and an added illusion, for my family, my sponsors and all the people who daily inspire and encourage me. I hope to bring good news. ”

We will look forward the developing of the race, supporting our Alicante’s runner in his last race of the Grand Slam, carrying the Spanish ultradistance runners along the most inhospitable places on earth.


100s Great North Walk en Australia, done!

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After a hard race, finally I could cross the finish line of the 100s Great North Walk, 175km non-stop, in a circuit without marking and aid stations every 30km. Another race of the Grand Slam 5 Continents done!

With local runners who knew perfectly the ground, taking advantage thanks to this knowledge. At the end, I was able to finish in 4th place.

Cross the finish line of this race was really tough, physically and mentally, since they are competing in a very technical course and where there was not a single mark along the route.

Staying with local runners was the strategy at the begining, but doubts using the map  were very valuable minutes that couldn’t be missed. Get lost was something that I could pay dearly.

The next and final stage of this Grand Slam, November in Israel! Thanks a lot to all of you for supporting me along the 24 hours of race, Amazing.


100s Great North Walk Australia. Grand Slam 5 Continents

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Foto_Indian Ultra Race 2014

Bound for Australia where I expected my brother Jeison Costa to share these 160km non-stop in the wonderful and spectacular Australian landscapes.

The 100s Great North Walk is the fourth stage of the Grand Slam 5 Continents, that I am contesting this year, would be on Saturday 13 September.

This race will be special for different reasons. Running alongside Jeison, carrying in my head my family, my team and all of you, and above all that, the bad feelings from last July in South Africa.


Completed ! Washie 100 South Africa, the oldest “100 miles race” in the world

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Vicente Juan Garcia Washie 100 2014

I was able to complete the third round that houses the Grand Slam 5 Continents, here in South Africa. 160km non-stop which involves an entire hard adventure.

Serious problems due to a severe diarrhea from kilometer race 1, and putting in serious trouble completing the Grand Slam. Unable to eat solid food throughout the race.

The only thing that made me cross the finish line was my children. It gave me the power to avoid abandonment and finish the race. Finally I finish in 8th position.

Exhausted, but satisfied, I have to start to prepare the next test in Australia’s Toughest Ultra Trail Races in September, and Ultramarathon Sovev Emek Israel in October.


South Africa, our next destination of the Grand Slam 5 Continents

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In a few days we headed to South Africa to contest the Washie 100 (July 11th) the third round of Grand Slam 5 Continents. 160km non-stop, most of them at night, and where the asphalt will be the predominant role to the ground.


First place in Atacama 2014 Xtreme 100 miles

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High effort and overcoming adversity harsh weather, finally I was able to get the victory in this difficult test consisting of 160km non-stop.

There was a large dust storm led to at km 110 career the organization had to be forced to suspend the test (km in what kept me as leader of the test was stopped).

The podium was completed by my friend and runner Jeison Costa (Brazilian) and Chilean runner Juan Encina.

After the race I was able to give several talks and workshops at the University of Santiago de Chile, Universidad San Sebastián, Universidad Tecnológica de Chile and various promotional events with Lurbel family.

Next stage of the Grand Slam 5 Continents: July 8, 2014 South Africa.. 160km non-stop