Last race of the Grand Slam 5 Continents. Israel

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The Lurbel runner will take part at the fifth race where will complete the full 5 races, in 5 continents, in the same year.

The UltraMarathon Sovev-Emek will be the last race of the 2014 Grand Slam 5 Continets, what will be the end for the challenge Juan Vicente García challenge 2014.

After completed 100 miles races in Sweden, Chile, South Africa and Australia, it’s time to finish the challenge. It will be in Israel, on 22 October.

After going through the best and the worst physical and psychological moments throughout the Grand Slam, Vicente left us these words: “take part on this race in Israel, at the end of the year, after traveling the 5 continents, it is a challenge and an added illusion, for my family, my sponsors and all the people who daily inspire and encourage me. I hope to bring good news. ”

We will look forward the developing of the race, supporting our Alicante’s runner in his last race of the Grand Slam, carrying the Spanish ultradistance runners along the most inhospitable places on earth.


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